Funky Monk Games is Finnish indie game studio creating retro-looking pixel art games.


Release info

Google Play, 12 Jan, 2018

Apple App Store, 19 Jan, 2018

Steam, 9 Mar, 2018


In the absence of its original owners, the machinery of an abandoned brick factory has taken the station over! Your mission is to find the boss of these mutinous machines and shut the operation down.

In order to succeed, you must destroy all the manufactured bricks. The machine boss will try to hinder you with its flying saucers and tanks, but power-up capsules will help you in these situations and more. In the final stage, you'll face the boss itself at last!

  • Six challenging missions containing eight stages each!
  • Beautifully handcrafted stages including bridges, tubes, bumpers, pushers, lasers and brick conveyor belts!
  • Unique double-decker stages! Must see!
  • Frantic boss fights!
  • Six different power-ups including multi-ball, extra-player, and bat-extension!
  • Challenge your friends in local co-op!
  • Original, uplifting chiptune soundtrack.
  • Easy to play and suitable for kids.

Release info

Google Play, 14 Nov, 2015

Apple App Store, 30 Nov, 2015



Your mission is to find your way out of a goldmine, but beware: the caves are full of dangers and challenges! Are you brave enough to face them all?

On your journey, collect coins and gold bags. When you have enough coins, you can buy key from a gold miner to open a door. Watch out for the miner who can stole what you have collected!

You can fly short distances by using your helicopter backpack. Be careful when flying: avoid collisions and falling from too high!

  • 20 funny and challenging goldmines to explore!
  • Many enemies, including: bats, goldminers, lava and moving walls!
  • Test your skills on tricky moving platforms.
  • Retro-styled graphics from 80's.
  • Simple and innovative gameplay.
  • Free to play on tablet or phone!
  • Suitable for kids.